Thursday, April 28, 2016

Puerto Angel Rum From the Mountains of Mexico

     Puerto Angel Rum has been Launched in the USA market in summer of 2015, Puerto Angel Organic Rum is a USDA Organic rum, distilled from the freshly squeezed cane juice at the Krassel family-owned distillery producing some of the finest artisanal spirits.  The family opened the distillery in 1938, and established their own sugarcane plantation in the high levels of the Oaxaca Mountains, Mexico. 
     "We are thrilled that the exceptional quality of Puerto Angel rum has been recognized and validated by the esteemed industry experts. These accolades will be instrumental in developing distribution channels and creating consumer awareness," says Marina  Wilson, the President of Double Eagle Imports Ltd. "We are well positioned now to start building the brand in the U.S. market, and we hope that discerning buyers will equally appreciate Puerto Angel's unique, exotic flavor profile and it's exquisite presentation highlighting the product's provenance, and it's artisanal nature."
     Puerto Angel Rum comes to us two expressions: Blanco, spending 6 months in new natural uncharred oak barrels to mellow the rum, then filtered to remove the color.   Amber has a straw hue that has been barrel-aged in new uncharred oak barrels for 3 years.   Both of the rums spend about 7 days in the fermentation tank before it is sent to the pot still with a double rectifier for distillation.  Puerto Angel Rums are some of those fine natural rums that is a real tribute to the industry.  Craft rums like Puerto Angel just make me feel good about tasting and enjoying fine quality spirits.
The label tell the whole story of these wonderful rums.

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