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Monday, May 16, 2016

A Taste of Pusser's Spiced Rum

     There is a new Red Pusser’s Rum Bottle out there, It is Pusser’s Spiced Rum.  In the glass the rum is a lovely amber color. The nose is predominantly ginger and cinnamon with notes of oranges with hints of black pepper and caramel.  Despite being only 35% ABV it still provides a good mouth feel like a real rum.

     Pusser’s Spiced has a little surprise in that the Spices are more subtle and much smoother.  The Spiced is very easy to sip and bold enough to stand up to mixing without getting completely lost in the mix.  There is no noticeable notes of vanilla in the spice blend, but rather a rather spicy and zesty flavor.   Notes of ginger, orange and hints of cinnamon and pepper add to the heat of the finish. The finish is flavorful and lingers offering a nice smooth and easy fade.

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  1. I'm drinking some Pusser's right now which is my standard everyday rum. I find it interesting that they have decided to go stylish and make a spiced rum. Guess it was inevitable. Maybe I'll try it. Pusser's is usually hard to find so I'll keep an eye out for the spiced rum. I can usually buy the 1L bottles in Maryland outside Annapolis. Keep a couple cases on the boat for emergencies and painkiller nights.