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Friday, September 30, 2016

You First Taste Your Cocktails with Your Eyes

“Before we dive into cocktail presentations, we must have a delicious-tasting cocktail to start with!   A very good drink is most important—and be executed well—before we can move on to other elements of the cocktail experience.”

    One of the most important factors to a fine cocktail is how it appears to the customer.  If you look at what people picture on their Facebook or Twitter pages it is the cocktails and food that is most appealing to their eye.   These are the pictures that they share with their friends and family as to how good what they are eating and drinking is before they ever get to taste it.

     The best chefs and mixologists in the world work as hard on the appearance of their creations as they do on what is going into them.  First is the ingredients and the mixing of the cocktail, next is the selection of the glass that it is to be served in. and third the importance of garnish to finish the mix all adds to the taste appeal of the cocktail long before the first sip.  “Amazing garnishes to presentations should enhance the drinking experience, not merely add fluff and glitter to it.  Many garnishes don't just add eye appeal, but also add supplemental flavor.  With this in mind make sure the items of garnish also add a positive note to the overall flavor of the cocktail.  There are no "universal garnishes", but rather each cocktail calls for a garnish that enhances the experience for the customer and not just something that is tossed on top.
Unique Glassware

     The eye appeal along with the palate appeal is a combination that has to be addressed on every cocktail if you want your customers to enjoy the complete experience of your creation and return for a second visit and tell their friends about your skills.  

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