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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Diageo to Move Rum Aging Warehousing to Maryland

Diageo St. Croix Captain Morgan Distillery
       Diageo USVI that they would be moving its U.S. Captain Morgan rum aging warehousing to Relay, Maryland, in its continuous efforts to improve efficiency.   According to a statement by Diageo, the move enables more efficiency in its supply chain and also saves the firm money by improving logistics costs. The transition will begin in the coming months and expected to be completed before the end of 2017.

       Crucially, Diageo says the change of location for aging warehousing would not come at the cost of approximately 10 jobs at the distillery.   During the transition, those who choose to continue working with Diageo will be offered other opportunities at the distillery.   "Everyone currently working in maturation and warehousing who wants to continue working at Diageo USVI will have an opportunity to apply for other roles within Diageo USVI”.

Cruzan USVI Distillery on St. Croix
     Diageo's presence in the territory has come to play a crucial role in the U.S.V.I.'s financial well-being. Along with spirits produced by Cruzan Rum, the territory collects just over $200 million in federal excise taxes annually, which the USVI uses to pay for its bonds.   The federal government collects $13.25 in taxes on every proof gallon of rum made in the territory and sold in the U.S., and returns most of the funds to the local government in the form of rum cover-over revenues.

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