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Friday, March 25, 2016

There Are Many More Rums Coming from Cuba Soon

     With the doors to Cuba looking like they are going to be opening finally, the question of Cuban
rum is coming to the fore front.  There are huge battles going on between Bacardi and Havana Club over the "Havana Club" Trademark, but there is a lot more great rum in Cuba that just Havana Club.

     One of my favorites is Santiago de Cuba rum, a wonderful rum made at the old Bacardi Factory in
the town of Santiago de Cuba.  Having first tasted this fine expression 5 years ago when I first visited Havana, this is a really nice full bodied and flavorful rum.

     What I like about Santiago de Cuba Rum is that the entire line is clean smooth and a good sipper.   I still enjoy the Anejo, the and the Extra Anejo to this day.   There are a lot of opinions as to which is really the best of the line.  This is one opinion out of the Cuba Journal last week.   Santiago de Cuba 11 Años.  And it isn’t just the favorite of bartenders around Havana — it’s the favorite of in ­the ­know connoisseurs, too. It’s not as well known as its 12­year old sibling, Santiago de Cuba 12 Años — indeed, its label is unique among the brand’s range. But that’s because it’s something special. It is a wonderfully aged rum, sweet with notes of candied fruit, caramel and a lovely, semi­ dry finish.

      The really important thing is that there are a lot more rums that will be arriving on our shores from Cuba soon and  much more than just Havana Club.  Look for brands from all over the island including Ron Veradero, Cubay, and Ron Arechabala.    The time is really getting close, so get to know that there are a lot of really good rums made in Cuba.