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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Havana Club Prepares for US Market

     There is a lot more that just opening the flood gate and we have Cuban rums here in the United States.  There isn't enough aged rum being made to fill the sudden surge in demand that the United States will create.  Havana Club and the rest of the Cuban brands that will be coming to the United States have a lot of preparation in order to make this happen. 

     Havana Club International S.A.''s general director, Frenchman Jerome Cottin-Bizonne, has stated that the company is preparing to compete on the US market when trade relations resume between Cuba and the USA.   The investment in the Havana Club factory, located at the Mayabeque municipality of San Jose de las Lajas, aims to meet the high level of demand for aged rums in the US.   That factory has been updated to international standards with cutting-edge technology and the required ISO accreditation, the executive stressed.

     Havana Club International is a joint venture between the French Pernod Ricard company and the CubaRon production plant.   According to Cottin-Bizonne, the partnership, founded in 1993, has been highly productive.   Cottin-Bizonne also said that the recent visit of U.S. President, Barack Obama, to Cuba was a good news for Havana Club, because it represents a step towards the opening of the U.S. market to the Cuban rum, particularly the Havana Club brand.