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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Hemingway Rum Company Still Produced its First Output Yesterday

Steam in the Upper Windows
     It was an exciting day for all of us at the Hemingway Rum Company yesterday.  We fired up out still for the first time and heated water to the point where it passed through the rectifying tower and into the condensing tower and out into the collection bucket.   We spent most of the morning torquing the tower bolts and securing all of the water jackets clamps before we fired up the boiler and started making steam to heat up the 150 or so gallons of water in the in the pot.

Distilled Water Coming out the output pipe
     What was so rewarding is that there were no leaks from any of the connections in the system.  All of our systems operated like they should and we produced about 10 gallons of distilled water by the time that we shut down the boiler and let the still cool.

     Congratulations to Carlton Grooms, Shawn Martin and of course myself.  We worked so well as a team getting all of the systems operating without any problems.  The whole system powered up and made distilled water and shout down without any issues.  Fun, Fun, Fun, can't wait to do it again with beer in the belly of the pot and we start making real rum.

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