Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Original Home of Bacardi Rums in Santiago de Cuba

     Santiago de Cuba is the original home of the Bacardi Rum.  Here you see the Bacardi factory, still operational and producing some of the finest rums made in Cuba.  This historic building is as beautiful as it was back in the days when the Bacardi's were running it.  My hope is that one day the rift between the former business people of Cuba and the government can somehow mend their differences.


  1. Hey Bahama Bob... I share your hopes but the only way the differences can be mended is when the Cuban government returns the property seized from the Bacardi's and others illegally without compensation "in the name of the people"! One day I will share with you the story of Carlos Ruiz and his family from Venezuela who more recently had Venezuelan authorities walk into the offices of their family owned business of 3 generations and inform them that they no longer owned their business but was now owned by the people under the control of the government! Think how you would respond?

  2. I too hope for resolution. The issues of that time require serious study to understand but they are, like it or not, over. However, with some give and take, they could be resolved for the future. As I love Cuban rum (and people), I continue to be hopeful.