Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Fabulous Frigate Bird

     Throughout the Caribbean you will see the fabulous frigate bird, this is a huge magnificent bird that soars over the seas looking like something out of prehistoric times.  Mostly found on oceanic coasts, islands, likes areas over warm waters, usually along coast but also far offshore at times.  Also soars inland in coastal areas like, crossing the isthmus of Panama from one ocean to the other. Strays are rarely seen far inland around fresh water. Nests on islands, usually small islands with dense growth of mangroves or other trees or shrubs.

     The Frigate forages in the air, swooping close to water to take items from on or near surface, making just a slight contact with the water.    They are not aquatic birds in that they do not swim.  Frigates forage over land in the same manner that they do over the water, taking prey from beaches without landing. Frigates are also known for their piracy, chasing other birds and forcing them to drop or disgorge their food.

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