Thursday, December 14, 2017

Our World is Changing Today for the Next Five Weeks or So

Sanity Too
   This morning Marta are moving off of "Sanity Too", our boat that we have called home for the past 12 years.  For the next five weeks or so while she gets the damage she incurred during Irma repaired we will be living on "Lil Sanity" our "camper"  This is going to be very interesting, we are having to seriously down size our lives while we are aboard the camper.

     I'm really glad to be able to finally make the front of the line at the boatyard and she will finally be repaired.   Although she has operated like a champ all during the three and a half months since the storm.  The visit to the boatyard will ring her back to her beautiful self again. 

Lil Sanity
     It is going to be worth the inconvenience of living on the smaller boat to be able to board her again and see all her rails back on and the external damage repaired and fresh gelcoat where she has been scarred.   Once she gets back in the slip she will get her new outside vinyl windows and screens that were torn off by the storm and she will be complete and whole again.

     Wish us luck, if we don't "kill" each other in the confined spaces our life will be whole again when she returns and we can move back aboard.

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