Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My Presidential Hero Based on Alcohol Usage

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
     Franklin Delano Roosevelt has become my hero president, as far as related to how and what he did for the alcohol industry.  FDR is a legend among drink-loving folks. He repealed Prohibition, this alone puts him at the top of my list of presidents that actually drank.  He also mixed drinks like it was the Roaring ‘20s all through the Depression was on at the time.. This is a FDR had serious mixology skills as well, he also knew how to turn hard times into great ones. When life gives him lemons, he makes Bermuda Rum Swizzles.

John F. Kennedy
Rutherford B. Hayes
            John F. Kennedy got my attention because of his love of the trendy at the time Daiquiri.   John Adams our second president liked his rum as well among other tings.   In these times we have Barrack Obama who only drank beer and now we have a non drinker.  The very worst though was Rutherford B. Hayes, his wife was not in any way a fan of booze of any kind.   Rutherford backed her up so completely that he insisted that the White House staff use rum flavoring instead of real rum in punch for guests. This is the worst of them, at least it was rum flavoring.