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Friday, March 10, 2017

Man Wins the Bet Chugging a Bottle Of Tequila but Loses His Life Winning It

     This is a sad result of power or binge drinking, the body can be shut down with an overdose of alcohol as well as drugs.   With spring break upon us, it is a time to use you head a little be and don’t get involved with this type contests.  I’ve seen these in my days in the fraternity house and other college parties and I’ve seen people end up in the hospital getting their stomach pumped.  Please use your head, I’d hate to see any of you or your friends end up like this.

     A 23-year-old man died after chugging a bottle of tequila during a friendly wager at a Dominican nightclub.   He won $630 but just minutes later he lost his life.   The cause of death was listed as alcohol intoxication by the medical examiner.   The tragic incident happened earlier this week in the city La Romana, in eastern Dominican Republic, and it was all captured on video by a cell phone camera.

     The young man, identified as Kelvin Rafael Mej√≠a, is first seen on his feet drinking the tequila straight from a bottle. When he is done he is handed the cash prize on a bill at a time and a few seconds later he can barely stand anymore and needs to be assisted by two men on each side.    
Shortly after he collapses and never regains consciousness - he was taken to a nearby clinic where he was declared death.   According to El Universal, the events unfolded after Mejia approached a table where a group of clients were betting money on how much tequila they could drink in a single gulp. He asked to join.

The management of the place, the Vacca Lounge, said the nightclub did not have any involvement in the deadly incident.   "The only contests we ever do are dance contests or costume contests, with the award of bottle of champagne or other drink,", according to the Vacca Lounge statement.   The man was a regular patron at the place and had recently become a father.