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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Atlantico Introduces a Bold New Look for the Line

      Atlantico Rum, from the Dominican Republic, is introducing a bold new look. It is inspired by classic ceramic tiles found throughout the Caribbean, creating a fresh, distinct design that clearly stands out from other rums. 
     "We love the Caribbean, particularly our home in the Dominican Republic. The people, food, culture and lifestyle are simply incredible. We wanted to find a way to capture the vibrancy and flavor of the Caribbean in our packaging while doing it in a classy way that is different than any other rum," said Brandon Lieb, Atlantico's Co-Founder. "With our new look, we are communicating Atlantico's hand-crafted credentials, unique process and flavor notes while transporting the imagination as much as the palate," adds fellow Co-Founder Aleco Azqueta.
     Atlantico sourced materials from all over the world to achieve its design goals.  The bottles, produced in France, are rounded with a heavy glass base. The wood and cork closures come from Portugal and are debossed with an updated Atlantico logo. All labels come from Northern California and include tasting notes, raw material information, barrel types used, individual bottle numbers and the signatures of the two founders. The designs are the work of Los Angeles-based luxury design firm M+.    "I couldn't be happier with the new design," adds singer Enrique Iglesiaswho is a partner in Atlantico. "It has a timeless, sexy look that captures the spirit of the Caribbean." 

Travel Day to Boston then Mooresville

Mom Leonard
     Today is a travel day for me, I'm heading to Boston and then drive down to Taunton to visit for the day with my Mother.  I make this trip every year to spend a little time with my mother and catch up on what is going on with her.

     She turned 96 last February and is doing very well, she still lives alone and manages everything for herself.  I'm very proud of her and her stubbornness to live life on her own terms.  Determined to make 100, it is always a joy to travel up and spend some time with here each year at this time.

     It isn't a bad thing either for me to get off of the rock for a few days either.   After a visit with mom, it is off to Mooresville, North Carolina for a few days to take care of some issues at the house.  There are a couple of things that I need to take care of to help make it more salable in the current market.  Once I get the work done there it will be back to Key West on Friday and back to work on Saturday.  Looking forward to a fun and productive trip.