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Saturday, August 12, 2017

New Rum Offered in the United Kingdom Inspired by Cornwall’s Book Jamaica Inn

     Jamaica Inn Black Ginger Rum has recently been quietly launched into its Cornwall heartlands, by Mangrove, the UK-based premium spirits distributor.  Recently and quietly launched into its Cornwall heartlands, by Mangrove, the UK-based premium spirits distributor.  This premium rum is a blend of Jamaican pot and column distillations that is infused with ginger, accompanied by subtle hints of lemongrass and citrus.  Ginger is a primary botanical infusion with a quality Jamaican rum, this offers fuller taste for classic cocktails that can be made with cola, tonic or any other mixer. The rum is aged for three years and has an ABV of 40%.

      “The brand is inspired by the Cornwall coaching inn built in 1750 and made famous in Daphne du Maurier’s novel of the same name. Jamaica Inn first derived its name from the local landowning Trelawney family. Edward Trelawney was born in Trelawney, Cornwall in 1699 and appointed Governor of Jamaica at the age of 39. Located on the bleak Bodmin Moor, the inn originally provided a watering hole to hide smuggler’s plundered Caribbean contraband of Jamaican rum and botanicals, including ginger.”  The expression is based upon the style of rum the patrons and malcontents would have been imbibing during the era.
Cornwell's Jamaica Inn

    Nick Gillett, managing director of Mangrove, comments: “More than anything else, this is an authentic Jamaican, flavored rum”.   It has that unique Jamaican ‘funk’ flavor with the presence of a well-balanced quality, ginger flavor throughout.  The name Jamaica Inn conjures up all the right images of dark rums and the historical richness with the cross over between Cornwall and Jamaica’s rumbustious past.”

     Unfortunately, like so many other interesting rums, Jamaica Inn Rum is not available in the United States.  If you happen to be visiting the United Kingdom, this is one of those rums with a unique story and mystique that you might want to search out.