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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Captain Morgan Introduces a New Label

     Captain Morgan is turning heads with a new bottle design set to start hitting shelves this month.  With updates made to the embossing, cap and label, the new bottles sport the same rum consumers know and love, but with a modern look.  The new embossing highlights the Captain Morgan logo, while the updated cap canvas design depicts more of the Captain’s adventure. The Captain himself has a revamped look on the label as well, standing proudly on the branded barrel. The label also features a cigar band, which is used to showcase the variant name. Lastly, gold foils are woven in throughout the label to give the bottle a more premium look.

     The full line of Captain Morgan products in all sizes received an updated design to fit within our more modern brand visual identity- making it easier for consumers to choose which Captain works for them. Captain Morgan is committed to bringing the fun with these new bottles to ignite responsible celebration among rum drinkers.