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Monday, January 15, 2018

What Type of Drinker Are You?

Judi James
      I found this to be a very interesting article.  My time behind the bar has given me an interesting insight of the way that people drink and their mannerisms.  I feel like Judi James has categorized them perfectly.  I hope you get as big of kick out of this as I did.

    Judi James, says there are seven different types of drinking personalities.  The Splash Drinker doesn't waste time over drink as they're too eager to dance.  Shot Clinker is always the center of attention without even realizing,
Sip Drinker is a strategic type who evaluates how to maximize pleasure.   

     Are you a highly sociable shot clinker, or a clever pleasure-seeker who knows the value of taking your time over your favorite drink?   According to body language expert Judi James, there are seven different types of drinking personalities that you'll usually observe if you take the time to look around you next time you're on a night out at the pub.   While some are more interested in how aesthetically pleasing their drink will look on social media, others prioritize hitting the dancefloor - and you can tell who is who just by observing their mannerisms and body language.

The Splash Drinker

     When drinking a cocktail such as a Pornstar Martini, they will splash the shot of prosecco into the glass without much thought.   'The splash drinker will have very practical, down-to-earth body-language' Judi explained. 'They'll be no-nonsense and you'll have no trouble spotting them as they'll be the first on the dance floor.'   Rather than spending time savoring a fancy cocktail the splash drinker just wants to get on with it so they can enjoy themselves on the dancefloor.    'With them, what-you-see-is-what-you-get, they don't mess around,' Judi explained.

The Squeeze Drinker

     This drinker will make no bones about dipping their fingers into a perfectly-presented cocktail and squeezing a slice of passion fruit.  'The squeeze defines themselves as tactile and literally hands-on; they are creative and crave attention,' Judi explained.   'They can be a bit of a performer in life generally, happily taking center stage at social events and parties and encouraging others to enjoy themselves too.'

The Share Drinker

     'Some cocktail drinkers just love to share their pleasure with others, not only enjoying their cocktail but handing it round so everyone can take a sip,' Judi said.   'They are a generous, happy-go-lucky giver. They would tend to beam as they perform their act of generosity and then perform a strong bonding ritual that makes others instantly warm to them.   You'll most likely find them in the middle of the party.'

The Shot - Clinker

     This personality type is 'highly sociable, with a strong work-hard play-hard ethic'.  'They know what they want and that's to be social,' Judi said. 'They will be the center of attention without realizing it, and first to get the party started.'  'They enjoy pack-partying, out in a group and often selecting the shot ritual of clinking glasses to intensify the fun via group or team shared activity.

The Snap Drinker

     Everyone has a friend in their group who is the 'social media star'.   Judi explained: 'They will instantly stop and move to snap and share their cocktail on social media.   'This is before they tuck in is revealing their love of sharing the moment with their followers. For any snap drinker it's always Instagram first, drink second.'

The Savor Drinker

     If you fall into this category, you're the type to tune into all your senses and aim to enhance pleasure 'in every way possible'.  'They are the sophisticated taste lover,' Judi continued. 'A clever and indulgent pleasure-seeker, the savor drinker is sophisticated and smart.   'Their body language doesn't always define them as too cool for school as they are happy savoring their drink and letting everyone know just how much they're enjoying it.'

The Sip Drinker 

     This personality type is also a pleasure-seeker, but is more strategic.   'The sipper might look like they are just taking their time but in fact they are the ultimate pleasure-seeker, someone smart and strategic who works at getting the best out of every situation,' Judi said.   'They know that the best things come to those who wait, and are happy to draw out their favorite cocktail. They take care over their movements and are often found thoughtfully enjoying their cocktail.'


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Signs Signs Everywhere a Sign and a Lot of Them are Feally Funny

     Have you ever driven or walked down a street and read the signs, Some of them will leave you scratching your head.  Like  when you come to a "T" intersection and there is a stop sigh and a no right or left turn sigh, interesting.

      In the open country, or several places I've been where there is a road at the end of a runway, and warning signs can really take you back.

     I really would like to meet the person that decided that this sign was necessary, I'm really worried about the people that live in this area really needing this sign.

     Now this is one that I'll never understand, really not ever.  Need I say any more?

     This is a warning, beware of stupid signs, and good luck making the right choice whe you arrive at one.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Lost Spirits Win The Distillery Master Award

Bryan Davis and Joanne Haruta Founders so Lost Spirits Distillery
The Distillery Masters is a unique proposition in the wider Global Spirits Masters series, which is largely comprised of blind spirits-­tasting assessments. This particular competition looks at the places behind the products – distilleries – and pays attention to increasingly critical aspects of the spirits world: tourism, digital marketing, experimentation in production, and sustainability.
The first round of the day was Consumer Experience, which assessed tours, sampling experiences, visitor centers, and other creative ways distilleries enhanced their visitors’ experiences. Panelists were delighted to discover the first aster winner of the day, was Lost Spirits Distillery.   In 2015, California-based Lost Spirits established industry-­first technology to recreate the chemical signature of aged spirits in a laboratory. The company’s distillery has been described as a “journey into the mind of a madman”, and judges loved the experience it offered consumers, which evoked the company’s creative processes rather than bogging down visitors with heavy scientific detail. “They are trying to make the distillery fun rather than just explanatory,” observed Roos. Abbott, “The consumer experience evokes the craziness of what they do but without the details.” Constable, meanwhile, praised the educational aspect of the experience. “It makes science, not just distilling, fun,” she said. “It’s the kind of place you would want to go back to.”

     Congratulations to Bryan Davis, Joanne Haruta and all of the crew of Lost Spirits on winning this prestigious award.  Davis took an idea of scientifically recreating the barrel aging process and making it happen in a very short time.  In doing so they have created their award winning rums and now the Distillery Master Award.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Kapil Mohan Maker of India’s Leading Rum Brand Dies at 88

Kapil Mohan
     Kapil Mohan, the man behind the popularity of one of India’s most popular rum brands, Old Monk, has died aged 88.  The former managing director of the family company Mohan Meakin reportedly died of a heart attack at his home on Saturday, January 6, 2018.  In poor health for some time now, he had handed over the running of the company to his nephews in July 2016 though he remained chairman until his death.
     Having retired as a brigadier from the Indian Army, Mohan joined his family’s company in the 1970s.  Although a non-drinker Mohan was also responsible for driving the success of numerous beer and spirit brands including one of India’s most popular and iconic dark rums, Old Monk, which had been launched by his father in 1954.  Despite becoming one of the leading rum brands in India for over 40 years, Mohan never gave any thought to advertising or marketing, famously once saying: “We do not advertise. I will not, and as long as I am in this chair, we will not. The best way to advertise is the product.”
      Although this may have been successful for a while, from the mid-2000s increased competition from rising liquor barons including Ponty Chadha and the now disgraced Vijay Mallya and the burgeoning popularity of whiskies began to chip away at Mohan Meakins’ and Old Monk’s market dominance.  Between 2005 and 2014, Old Monk’s market share slipped from 15% to around 5%.   Nonetheless, there remains a great deal of affection for the brand in many quarters, especially the army, and the rum’s fans took to social media to say they would raise a toast to Mohan’s memory.

     I have been able to on occasion purchase the Old Monk Rum here in the United States and it is a very nice rum to sit and sip or enjoy on the rocks.  Mohan stood his ground and if you haven’t seen it in a liquor store or in a bar, you probably have no idea about this rum.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Ivan’s Jost Van Dyke Beach Bar Reopens

      Ivan’s Stress Free Bar, the White Bay beach bar has gotten its doors on Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands following the damage caused by Hurricane Irma.This news announced after the reopening other world-famous bars on the island including Foxy’s and the Soggy Dollar Bar.

Ivan's After Irma
     The White Bay outpost, led by Ivan Chinnery, is the latest sign of the British Virgin Islands’ recovery.   Right now, the Stress Free Bar is open daily from 10 AM to 6 PM.   The kitchen will open for lunch on Jan. 8, with a full moon party planned on Jan. 31.

Here is Where the Willie T Lies Now
     This is great news as one by one, the great bars of the Virgin Islands are coming back.  I just hope to see the “Willie T come back to life, but it will probably require the purchase of the third boat to carry the name, with all of the damage that it got during Hurricane Irma.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Constellation Brands Announces Minority Acquisition of Real McCoy Rum

     Constellation Brands has acquired minority stake in The Real McCoy rum firm for undisclosed sum.   As part of its minority acquisition of The Real McCoy, Constellation Brands will also handle the distribution of the Bourbon barrel-aged rum throughout the US, as well as assisting with marketing and operations.

     Richard Seale, The Real McCoy master distiller, said: "With Constellation's investment and strategic counsel, we look forward to fully achieving our vision of expanding The Real McCoy's reach throughout the United States."   All senior executive positions will remain the same at The Real McCoy, with Jennifer Pryor as CMO, John Esposito as COO, and Walter Brunner as CFO.   Vice presidents Mac Jones, Abbi Miller and Linda Lofstrom will also keep their positions, with more emphasis on key account management and expansion into new states.

     Newlands commented on The Real McCoy minority acquisition: "The spirits category represents a significant growth opportunity for Constellation, and continued investments in artisan brands like The Real McCoy are part of our overall total beverage alcohol strategy."   The news comes on the same day Constellation Brands announced its Q3 financial results for 2017/18, which highlighted "excellent" double-digit sales.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

2018 St Lucia Food and Rum Festival

     The inaugural St. Lucia Food and Rum Festival is happening January 12 through 14th, 2018 along with the first annual Caribbean Awards and a partnership with the Caribbean Journal.

     There will be an award winning Chef Marcus Samuelsson there to tempt your palate with the unique flavors of the island along with a Celebrity Dinner at Rodney Bay.

     A Rum tasting and an open air concert will be held at Pigeon Island National Landmark.   It’s your chance to enjoy some the world’s finest rums and artisanal creations of the local barmen.

     It is coming up soon, but if you are going to be in the area of St. Lucia, this looks like it is going to be a really nice event.

Monday, January 8, 2018

New Hampshire Should Home Distilling Be Legal? Lawmakers Voted Last Wednesday.

     New Hampshire House lawmakers are expected to vote on a bill that would legalize home liquor distilling.  Booze enthusiasts are currently allowed to make up to 200 gallons of beer and wine at home - depending on the size of their household, but distilling liquor at home is against state and federal laws.  As of today, I haven’t been able to find the results of the vote last Wednesday.

     That doesn't make sense to Representative Scott Wallace of Danville.  "The natural progression of the hobby is you make some wine, if you'd like to turn that into brandy, that's not currently lawful.   This bill would allow for that."   Wallace says it could also help entrepreneurs who want to try their hand at distilling on a large scale - but are overwhelmed by the high cost of licensing a liquor distillation business.

     The bill is part of a trend across the country pushed by hobbyists who are trying to change both state and federal laws to allow for small batch, artisan distilling.   The Hobby Distiller’s Association was formed with the initial intent of working as a strong, unified voice in an attempt to change federal legislation in the United States, finally getting hobby distilling recognized and given the same legal standing that are afforded to hobby brewing and wine making.

     In the past there have been several failed attempts at legalization of hobby distilling. This is in great part due to the lack of support, lack of direction, and lack of unity. Too many previous movements have been derailed because of another small group of people competing for support. This results in too little support for any one group. The Hobby Distiller’s Association aims to change that as the first fully organized and fully financially supported organization to press for legalization of hobby distilling. Yes, it is unfortunate that money talks, but I am sure that you are not shocked to hear that. This is where the HDA stands out. We have a lobbyist in Washington, DC on our side. This is something that none of the small groups has been able to fund, and as we have found over the past couple of years, it is most likely the only way for us to win this fight. 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

What Happens In Key West When Winter Sets In

     This cold spell here is Key West is really beginning to get to all of us.  The tour open buses have all of  of their windows and sides closed in to protect the tourists from the "freezing" cold.  The funny part most of us have heavy coats and shorts, now that is how I like spending my winter.  I hope the rest of you around this country can survive, tomorrow we are suppose to be in a balmy 76  for a high.
I guess I'll be able to the winter and I promise that I wont be complaining about the "summer heat".

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Stinky Men Can Have an Effect on How Much Women Will Drink

     This should really have an effect on the sale of deodorant and hurt the rest of us males that bathe and use deodorant.  It will also mean that if really believed that many of us that can’t stand the stink of the unwashed will suffer so he can get some gal drunk to have some fun later.  This is really strange.
     A man’s scent can drastically affect how much a woman drinks when she is with him, and the smellier the man is, the more they drink.  This is the claim by psychologists at the University of South Florida, who looked into how much women imbibed after smelling pheromones found in men’s sweat. The researcher, who published their findings in the Journal of Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology in December 2017, assessed 103 women between the ages of 21 and 31.
     The women were told they were taking part in a consumer survey on mens’ fragrance. Half of the group were given fragrance strips sprayed with androstenone — a pheromone found in human sweat — while the other group were given strips sprayed with water. The women were then offered two glasses of non-alcoholic beer, which was offered for safety purposes.   The psychologists found that women who were exposed to the pheromone “drank significantly more than those exposed to the control prime,” and drank a tenth more of their beer on-average.
     The psychologists claim that this is because there is an intrinsic cultural link between drinking and having sex.  Additionally, the inhabitation-lowering powers of alcohol are well-documented. The scientists argued that women may reach for the bottle because lowered inhibitions can lead to an increased desire for sex.

     “Social and sexual expectancies taken subsequent to drinking were correlated with drinking in the primed group but not in the neutral group,” the study said, “supporting the idea that information-processing pathways related to alcohol use had been engaged in the primed group.”

Friday, January 5, 2018

The World Famous Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke Has Reopened

     The world famous Soggy Dollar Bar, a beach bar located on Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands, recently announced that it had officially reopened.   Bound to be welcomed news by the thousands of its fans who swim to the shores of White Bay with their soggy dollars to laze away the day while sipping on a copious amount of the beach bar’s famous “Painkiller” cocktails in their ubiquitous white plastic cups, after some “93 days after two Cat 5 hurricanes, the painkillers are flowing again and SOGGY DOLLAR BAR IS OFFICIALLY OPEN!”

     They went on to thank the “Soggy crew who worked tirelessly demolishing, clearing, & rebuilding, Merus, Lovie, Prophet, Terro, & Daniel, Cheers to you!” Judging by the pic shared in the post showing the Soggy Dollar shortly after the hurricanes and now, the Soggy crew did an amazing job. Cheers to all of them, and so great to see it open again.

     While the bar has reopened, the kitchen and boutique remain closed with instructions to “stay tuned” which could be interpreted to indicate that those dates aren’t too far away.   The popular webcam, offering live streams of the beach at the Soggy Dollar, is also back in operation as of yesterday.  Offering the viewers a tropical rum escape from their screens, the return of the webcam couldn’t come at a better time, especially with the icy throes of winter upon so many.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Tales of the Cocktail Has Been Sold

     Founders Ann and Paul Tuennerman have reportedly entered into an agreement with two local entrepreneurs to sell annual drinks festival Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans.   Gary Solomon Jr, head of the Solomon Group, and Neal Bodenheimer, co-owner of cocktail bar Cure, have signed a letter of intent to purchase TOTC’s parent company Mojo911 LLC from founder Ann Tuennerman and her husband Paul Tuennerman.
     According to Neat Pour, the deal will see the company restructured as a not-for-profit.   Paul Tuennerman previously announced his resignation as TOTC’s Chief business officer last year following a row over a ‘blackface’ video of his wife, Ann. Both later apologized for the content.  This was followed by the Tuennermans announcement that they were stepping down from the company effective immediately in September 2017.  Co-Founders, Ann and Paul Tuennerman, will be transitioning away from their roles in producing the world’s renowned cocktail event, Tales of the Cocktail, effective immediately.   Melissa Young, who has served as Director of Operations for the past nine years will assume the reins of the operating company behind the event as President. 

      "We have devoted our professional careers to the hospitality industry even before the formation of Tales of the Cocktail and the New Orleans Culinary and Cultural Preservation Society. Our goal has always been to create something lasting that can benefit the industry and the people of New Orleans well beyond our years. This allows that to continue," said Ann R. Tuennerman.   “It has been an honor to spend the last fifteen years working within the industry to create something extraordinary. I am fortunate in that I have had the opportunity to work alongside some amazing bartenders, spirit producers, authors, and educators, from around the globe. While Ann and I have mixed emotions, we are excited about the next chapter in our lives, and look forward to watching the event continue to evolve and flourish,” said Paul G. Tuennerman.

     Founded in 2002, Tales of the Cocktail has grown from a small gathering of cocktail lovers into the world’s premier cocktail festival.   Each year the international spirits industry is welcomed to New Orleans for a week of seminars, tastings, networking events and much more. With 200+ annual events developed specifically for bartenders, distillers and other spirits professionals.   Tales of the Cocktail is the industry’s annual meeting place for exchange of new ideas, products and techniques. 
     Tales of the Cocktail® is produced by the New Orleans Culinary & Cultural Preservation Society, a non-profit organization committed to supporting, promoting and growing the cocktail industry in New Orleans and around the world. In addition to offering opportunities to learn and acquire new skills through Tales of the Cocktail® events and Tales 365®, for which the proceeds go back into the spirits industry. Since 2008, there has been more than $886,000 invested into programs like the Cocktail Apprentice Program, a tuition reimbursement program, the Apprentice medical aid fund, educational scholarships and a new health and wellness program for members of the hospitality industry.   According to a report from the University of New Orleans Research Department, Tales of the Cocktail 2017 generated a total economic impact of US$18.9 million for the city.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Rum is Making Strides Toward Growth at a Record Pace in the UK

      New Years Revelers in need of a festive spirit are reaching for rum in record numbers according to the new figures.  This suggests that the pirate’s tipple of choice is primed to mimic the ongoing resurgence of gin and whiskey.   UK sales of rum reached £991,000,000 for the first nine months of 2017, according to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association, which expects the annual figure to top £1,000,000,000 for the first time before the fireworks ushers in 2018.   The sugar cane-based spirit is slated to hit this billion-pound watermark just a year behind gin.  
Ian Burrell
    Ian Burrell, the self-styled Global Rum Ambassador, a number of distilleries will move into rum-making, but not in great numbers.   “I can definitely see that happening but it will take time,” he said. “You can make a craft gin within a couple of days but with rum to get your consumer to pay a premium price, they want to see it aged.  “You need to stick it in a barrel for a few years to get some character and flavor.   Burrell is confident that, as far as consumers go, the moment in the sun has arrived for his favorite spirit.

     “Rum cocktails are some of the most popular ones like rum and coke,mojito and the daiquiri.  There’s a rise in Tiki-style drinks are on the rise as well with the Mai Tai, Pina Colada, Zombie and more.   “They not only use rum in abundance but may use several in each cocktail.”  He is also predicting an upsurge for spiced rums, usually made using imported spirits and infused with spices and other ingredients such as fruit peel.   The variety of flavor this offers, he said, echoes one of the advantages that gin has enjoyed in its rise in popularity.

     A century before William Hograth’s print depicted the moral turpitude that came to be associated with the spirit, rum was already corrupting souls and livers.   Its place in the canon of British inebriation was cemented thanks to the adventurous but often brutal history of imperialism.   Some of its earliest distillers were plantation slaves in the Caribbean, who fermented alcohol out of molasses from the sugar cane they were forced to harvest.   Kill-devil, as rum was often called, became intrinsic to Britain’s seafaring history, used as a way to stave off scurvy and as payment for thirsty sailors. The Royal Navy’s daily rum ration, or “tot”, wasn't abolished until July 1, 1970, a day known as "Black Tot Day".  When Admiral Nelson died, legend hs it that his body was soused in rum to preserve it for the voyage home.   Upon arrival the booze had already been drained by thirsty sailors who had drilled a hole in the barrel, earning rum the nickname, “Nelson’s Blood”.

     If the political and social turmoil of 2017 continues into 2018, it will be worthwhile keeping rum within easy reach, there is no spirit that calms the soul like rum and religion.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

No More Resolutions, Action is All That's Needed

2018 is a New Horizon, Make the Most of It
     Well the new year is here and it is that time for all of those ridiculous resolutions with all of the
good intentions to live up to, that never seem to be followed through with.  I've found it better to just keep trying to live right and not worry about making any resolutions that I won't live up to.

Your Actions are a Reflection of You
     Forgetting all of the resolution, but rather lets talk about making a effort to get out and do more of the things that make us happy.  Making life more fun and less of a burden.  Loose the drama and spend more time smiling and hanging with the people that make this happen for you.

     And finally the easiest way keep your world smiling is to ""Drink More Rum".  Remembering that "rum is fun and fun" is what life really needs.  You don't have to become a lush to enjoy yourself, but a little bit of libation doesn't hurt either.  All I ask is that when you drink, do it responsibly, and stay away from your motor vehicles when you have been drinking.

     Make 2018 one of your finest.  

Monday, January 1, 2018

Under Age Drinking, Less is Better

     As we begin the journey around the sun for 2018, I believe it is a responsibility of all of us that are in the alcoholic beverage industry to redouble our efforts to fight the problems of underage drinking.  Whether as a bartender by more carefully checking ID's or as a teacher or parent helping to educate our youth about the perils of under age drinking.  If we all redouble our efforts, we can save a lot of youthful and vibrant young people's lives.
     The short- and long-term consequences that arise from underage alcohol consumption are astonishing in their range and magnitude, the people around them, and society as a whole.   Adolescence is a time of life characterized by robust physical health and low incidence of disease, yet overall morbidity and mortality rates increase 200 percent between middle childhood and late adolescence/early adulthood   This dramatic rise is attributable in large part to the increase in risk-taking, sensation-seeking, and erratic behavior that follows the onset of puberty and which contributes to violence, unintentional injuries, risky sexual behavior, homicide, and suicide.
     Alcohol frequently plays a role in these adverse outcomes and the human tragedies they produce. Among the most prominent adverse consequences of underage alcohol use are those listed below.  Annually, about 5,000 people under age 21 die from alcohol-related injuries involving underage drinking.
     The most recent data from the government-led Monitoring the Future study shows “no significant changes” in alcohol consumption among teens in 2017 compared to the previous year.  The authors of the study wrote: “These are dramatic declines for such a culturally ingrained behavior and good news to many parents.”
Dr Sam Zakhari, senior vice president of science of the Distilled Spirits Council, said: “Key to further declines is educating parents and other adults about the seriousness of providing alcohol to teens.”
     The Distilled Spirits Council praised the distilled spirits sector’s role in combating underage drinking through programs such as the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility and support for the Federal Trade Commission’s We Don’t Serve Teens initiative.