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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Iron Bartender Competition at the Tiki House in Key West

     The Iron Bartender Competition is happening at 7 pm in March 27th, but you might want to arrive around 6:30 pm to get a good seat.   This is going to be a fun event at the Tiki House around the corner on Greene Street from Duval Street.   The event is featuring local bartenders making cocktails using Afrohead Rum and a selected group of ingredients to create their masterpieces.  

     The event will be judged by myself, Tim Rabior of the Other Side and Cecil Witt of Breakthru Beverages.  This is going to be fun as there are so many good bartenders here in Key West and the basis for the cocktails is a great rum, Afrohead.

Here are the rules

1.  Bartenders will be told what Spirit they will be working with a week in advanced of the event.

2.  Bartenders will be required to choose from 5 mystery ingredients of which at least 3 must be used in their cocktail.

3.  Bartenders will also be able to bring one of their own choosing.  After opening their mystery box of ingredients, they will have 5 minutes to create their entry for the competition.

     I hope to see many of you at the Tiki House on Tuesday night and hope you can enjoy the fun of this competition.  There are always great tiki drinks and other fine cocktails being created by the bartenders that work there behind the bar daily.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

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