Thursday, August 30, 2018

Shaken Drinking with James Bond and Ian Fleming

     Johansson, Hiddleston and Weil, who founded acclaimed London bar Swift along with Rosie Stimpson, collaborated with The Ian Fleming Estate and Ian Fleming Publications on the project.  The book, titled Shaken – Drinking with James Bond & Ian Fleming, the 007 official cocktail book includes 50 cocktail recipes inspired by both the author’s life and the adventures of James Bond.
     Cocktails are at the glamorous heart of every Bond story. Whether it's the favored Martini, which features in almost every book, or a refreshing Negroni or Daiquiri, strong, carefully crafted drinks are a consistent feature of the Bond novels. Recipes are divided into five categories: Straight Up; On The Rocks; Tall; Fizzy; and Exotic. Sip on inventions such as Smersh, Moneypenny, That Old Devil M and Diamonds are Forever, as well as classic Bond cocktails such as the Vesper and, of course, the Dry Martini. Each recipe is accompanied by extracts from Fleming's writings - be it the passage where the classic drink was featured or a place, character or plot that inspired one of the drinks.
     Ten of these serves come from the books themselves, while Johansson and Hiddleston created 40 new recipes inspired by the “people, places and plots” of the original novels. Weil, meanwhile, produced the copy.  In addition to the recipes, Shaken looks at the history of the world’s most famous spy, with anecdotes from Fleming’s real-life inspirations. 
     “We were thrilled to be thrown into the world of Mr. Fleming and Bond, were completely engulfed by the mysteries and mayhem Fleming created,” said Johansson.  “We wanted to bring the classic cocktail history within it up to the modern day. It is an honor to showcase what we think Fleming and his characters would be pictured as drinking in 2018.”
     Ian Fleming’s nephew, Fergus Fleming, has written the book’s introduction. He said: “These cocktails reflect that behind everything there is a story waiting to be told.  “So take comfort as you raise the glass that it contains no ordinary drink. You have mixed a measure of Ian Fleming’s imagination.”
     Explore Bond creator Ian Fleming's writings on the pleasures of drinking and sample 50 delicious cocktail recipes inspired by his work - developed by award-winning bar Swift.

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