Saturday, June 16, 2018

The United States Top Five States That Like to Drink

     New research has revealed where to find the biggest drinkers in the USA.   The study, carried out by gambling website PlayUSA, looks into the number of times Americans have used the internet to search for places to drink alcohol in their state over the past month, taking in a total of 823 million search entries on websites such as Google and Yahoo.   The data takes into account both the number of overall searches, but also the total population of individual states, offering a new perspective on the nation’s drinking habits and go-to destinations for a night out.
     Despite ranking as the state with the most searches, notorious tourist hotspot California’s larger population means that, proportionately, locals are not more inclined to head out to a bar. California ranked in 10th place for drinking searches, behind Maryland and New Jersey.
The ultimate in ‘happy drunks’, 2.48% of Minnesotans fall into this drinking category. Just over 136,000 people have searched for drinking spots in Minnesota online in recent months.  2.57% of Massachusetts residents like to get drunk at the weekends and evenings, according to search data.  Oregon ranks as the USA’s third thirstiest state, with residents researching nights out at least 115,800 times each month.   Colorado staggers in in second place, with 3.16% of Colorado inhabitants googling for alcohol, equating to just over 175,000 searches.   Somewhat unsurprisingly, New Yorkers top the list, racking up over half a million drinking-related searches in just one month.
     Not seeing Florida in the top five really surprises, with the large number of tourists that live on their phones looking for places to party, especially in the beach towns.