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Friday, October 10, 2014

El Dorado Single Barrel Rum on the Way to The Rum Bar in Key West

      Several months of trying to get this wonderful rum to the Rum Bar in Key West, I have received notice that it will be Arriving in time for Fantasy Fest here in Key West.  

    Since meeting with the team from El Dorado Rums at the Miami Rum Festival last April, I've been trying to get this fine rum into the Keys.   IWS has been able to bring it to the Rum Bar by next week.

     According to the people at El Dorado, there are two versions of the Single Barrel series, ICBU and EHP.  We will be receiving the ICBU Single Barrel at first and hopefully later, the EHP.  

     People how have tasted this rum tell me that it is one of the very special ones available today. 

 “…The oak is strong, but the sweetness of the brown sugar spices balances the sharpness of the oak and citrus zests.  There is no bitter aftertaste to spoil the experience.  As well, flavours of caramel, toffee, and vanilla all lie in moderation under the oak spice as does a slightly charred nuttiness, and flavours of toasted coconut….”

I am looking forward to tasting this fine rum and passing on my evaluations next week after I receive the bottle,

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