Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mojito's on my Mind

     The Mojito originated in Cuba, but the exact origin of this classic cocktail is still something of a mystery.     One theory traces the drink back to a 16th century drink that honored Sir Francis Drake, "El Draque".     Other Historians claim that African Slaves that worked in the Cuban sugar cane fields were the force behind this marvelous cocktail.     "Guarapo", the sugar cane juice was often used in Mojito's was a popular drink among the slaves who helped coin the nave of the sweet nectar.     The name is a derivitive of Mojo, a Cuban spice made from lime and used in many dishes.    Other theories contend that the name comes from "mojadito", meaning "a little wet".   Hemingway's favorite drink while in Cuba was the Mojito made at La Bodeguita Del Medio bar , where he wrote on the wall, "My mojito in La Bodeguita, My daiquiri in El Floridita", this is still on the wall of La Badeguita in his handwriting today.

    This mixture of lime juice, sugar cane syrup and mint  has a sweet taste of sugar cane and lime and the freshness of the mint.     With just the right amount of light rum, this drink is the most refreshing cocktail you will find anywhere.     Though the mojito recipes are far flung and varied, I feel the best mojitos are the ones that stick to the Cuban origins.   Too many bartenders try to turn this fabulous cocktail into something that it wasn't suppose to be by dumping in flavored syrups and ruining the delicateness of the original cocktail.     The use of different rums through the history of the mojito is a source of interest to me, because the rum is a vital part of the mojito's flavor.     I've found that some of the gold, herbal, and dark aged rums add a hint of dimension that the white rum lacks.     When you find a bar that can make you a good mojito, then you need to stay with them.    There are too many variations that are made from mixes and flavors to cover their  inability to properly make this marvelous cocktail.       Get out and do some Mojito searching, it is so worth while when you find a good one. 

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