Friday, May 20, 2011

One of the Surprises of the Tasting Competition

Siesta Key Rum, created by the Drum Circle Distilling in Sarasota, Florida has proven to be one of the better rum arriving on the scene today.     Troy Roberts has taken resources from Florida and turned them into some fine rums.   After talking to Troy at the 2011 Miami Rum Renaissance Festival, I found how serious he is about making high quality rum here in the United States.

     Right now Siesta Key has two rums on the market, a gold and a silver.    I got a bottle of the silver last year and currently serve it at the Rum Bar in Key West with very warm reviews from the customers.    Recently we have added the gold to out line of 221 rums and the reviews by the customers have been just as positive.     I am proud to have been on to the rum judges in this years Rum Renaissance that rewarded Troy, his partners, and his employees  with the best in class award for 2011.

     In June, Troy and his partners tom and Ryan have invited several of the XP's to come to the Drum Circle Distillery for a tour and visit with the people that make the rum right here in Florida.     Unlike many other rum producers here in America, they use the sugar cane grown here in Florida to make and distill their rum themselves.     These are hand-crafted spirits from start to finish and done in small batches in pot stills to ensure the flavor and quality of the rums.     The passion of Troy and his people is evident when talking to him and in the tasting of his rums.     I'm really looking forward to visiting the Distillery and will have a full report afterward.     ;o)


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