Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A New Artisan Louisiana Rum

     Rank Wildcat Spirits  from Acadiana, Louisiana is hitting the ground running as one of the newest artisan rum producers. Founded in the middle of 2011, David Meaux and Cole LeBlanc  decided to open their distillery.  They have created their little niche in a very impressive manner, including the making of their own still (Lulu) and virtually all of their other equipment.  Then most importantly they created their rum in their own way also.   This is a true grass roots operation that had to create all of the equipment, contacts and formulas with out any outside influence.

M.A. Patout and Sons Sugar Mill
    It was really important that all of the raw materials were gotten from the local area assuring the legitimization of the grassroots Acadiana rum.   All of the cane juice and raw sugar is supplied by M.A. Patout and Sons LTD in Acadiana, this is one of the largest sugar mills in Louisiana.   First opened in 1825, the family owned and operated sugar mill fits the bill perfectly for this local rum producing operation.

David Meaux and Cole LeBlanc
     "Sweet Crude Rum" is the result of their trial and error method of creating a rum that met their tastes and the tastes of the community.   Sweet Crude has an all natural flavor with nothing added to enhance or change the rum.   This is an all natural product and they are extremely proud of that fact.   In fact it is 100% gluten free.   There is a smooth sweet richness  to this rum that comes only through a tightly controlled process and a small batch operation.  

     The future will bring about an aged expression that will tentatively be called
"Black Gold".  The small operation sees this coming in its future, but only when it is to their high standards.  The art of barreling and blending has to be learned before they will be able to accomplish this portion of the art.    If you are in Louisiana, see if you can find a bottle of this fine artisan spirit.  ;o)

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